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Ms. Heydecker has over 16 years of experience as a marketer, writer, and designer. She specializes in implementing programs with little or no budget and is especially adept at developing concepts in-house, savings thousands of marketing dollars. Jeanne loves the Internet and its natural attributes and has learned how to use these attributes effectively.

"The web is essentially just another avenue for pushing your branding and messaging. It should be used in tandem with all the other traditional methods, but it has tremendous potential both in reach and affordability. It's ideal for smaller companies or smaller budgets."

Using all of these skills, Jeanne currently works as the Director of Web Services for the Indian Prairie School District, one of the largest and most respected school districts in Illinois.

"I took on this challenge because schools typically don't use the internet effectively. I wanted to show the educational community what a first class school district's web presence should be. There are over 50 web sites involved. It's been an uphill battle - budget, staff, and the extensive internal PR involved...but overall, we've made a significant impact this year."

Ms. Heydecker was interviewed by Anita Padilla of Channel 5 News this past March because of the work done on the sites in the area of Homeland Security Preparedness.

Before that, she co-founded and, companies focused on web sites, web marketing and internet consulting. She was responsible for marketing the organization, as well as producing all web site design and development, search engine optimization, web marketing and consulting, as well as overseeing the R&D process for BuzzWare™, their database-enabled web components for web sites.

Before BuzzBoltMEDIA, Ms. Heydecker worked for an industrial encoder manufacturer. She was responsible for writing, developing, and designing all marketing communications products for the company, as well as moving the organization towards a more web-centric marketing structure. This web-focus enabled the company to save more than $50,000 in printing costs the first year.

Before that, Jeanne worked at Tripod, a Terra Lycos Internet community web site. She helped increase traffic from 12 million to 16 million page views per day, which was accomplished in 9 months. She can accomplish these types of goals for your company.

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